A few weeks ago, marina boaters and Trenton locals John and Teri left Trent Port Marina and headed up the Trent-Severn to start their 11 to 14-month trip along The Great Loop. Before they left, they renamed their boat “Da Boat Of Us” and left for the journey they had prepared over two years for.

“The luxury of having the TPM and the Bay of Quinte as a starting point was so important to us. The staff at TPM were so helpful and patient with us newbies as we prepared,” said John and Teri. “Best advice I can think of is to be ready to not be ready. There is so much to plan for that if you wait until everything is perfect you will never go. The calmer you are the happier you will be. Watch the winds and weather.”

The Great Loop is over 9000 km long and takes boaters through the great lakes, down the continental U.S. to the Gulf of Mexico and back along the Atlantic coast. Trent Port Marina often sees boaters from across the continent making their way along the loop heading up the Trent-Severn Waterway to Georgian bay.

Look out for the looper flag around the marina and give loopers a wave 🌊 as they make a stop at Trent Port Marina along their journey.