The Trent Port Marina in Quinte West is proud to be part of the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup project.  Plastic pollution in the Great Lakes is a major environmental issue. Millions of kilograms of plastic pollute rivers and lakes in the Great Lakes region every year. In addition to being an unpleasant sight, it causes serious harm to fish and wildlife and puts the quality of drinking water at risk for millions of people who depend on it.

As a part of this initiative, the Trent Part Marina is using cutting-edge technology to filter plastic waste out of the water and stop more plastic from finding its way in. The Seabin retrieves waste by sucking water in from the surface with a submersible water pump which then passes through a catch bag inside the Seabin. The LittaTrap is an insert that captures and retains plastic and trash that would normally be washed down stormwater drains and into rivers, lakes and oceans.

One Seabin and two LittaTraps have been installed at Trent Port Marina to collect waste from the water and storm drains. The Seabin is emptied daily and the LittaTrap is emptied every few weeks. Data is collected using an app designed for the purpose and is forwarded to the U of T Trash Team for analysis. On occasion, the contents of the two devices are mailed to the University of Toronto for a more detailed analysis.

The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup is possible thanks to financial support from Environment and Climate Change Canada. The project is a partnership of non-profit organizations, marinas, government agencies, as well as industry and University of Toronto researchers dedicated to cleaning up plastic pollution in the Great Lakes.

“Keeping our waterways clean has always been a priority for the City of Quinte West,” says Mayor, Jim Harrison. “We’re proud to be a part of a project that can help protect and improve water quality in the Bay of Quinte.”

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Trent Port Marina is also proud to fly the Blue Flag, an international environmental designation awarded on an annual basis. In 2020 only nine marinas in Canada were successful in achieving this designation. TPM is a member of the Boating Ontario Clean Marine program and has been proud to fly that flag as well since the Marina opened in 2015.